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We are a professional custom motorcycle seat shop specializing in manufacturing Harley Seats, and recover Metric motorcycle seats in such a way that everyone will know that your seat had an extreme seat makeover. Our trendsetting ideas, materials, and attention to detail will give your seat a totally awesome look and leave you money in your pocket for your next big cruise. Our turnaround is 5 days in most cases.



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Motorcycle custom seat makeover include:

  • Improving the fit of your seat

  • Improving the comfort of your seat

  • Addressing other issues that you have with your seat

  • A new cover with any of our cool ideas sewn or inlayed



If the material or leather looks really cool, causes attention and excitement, will work on a motorcycle seat, we use it!

We do many different trendsetting custom designs including flames, tribal, and even designs that you show us.  We use different type of materials on drivers seat, back seat and full size seats for two to sit on.   We use a wide variety of colored materials including vinyl, leather, metalflake, specialty materials like alligator, lamb, lizard, ostrich, snake, premium and technological material for seat covers.  But how about traditional, black and plain, you ask?  Yes, we can do that too!

If you have a complaint about your seat, we can make adjustments and eliminate the problems.  The most common complaint we hear is getting your heels on the ground and a little more softness.  While your seat is all apart is the perfect time to address these issues.


Let us create excitement with a new extreme makeover for your bike seat!



Ed had an extreme makeover done on his Yamaha VStar 650

This is his seat before....

... and below is after

The seats have a special faux gator and purple metalflake Maltese cross inlayed





Our email address is JP@gotsky.com - We invite you to hit us with your questions

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